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Mick Robinson Memorial Fixed Wheel 10

Well it was a bit draughty but 12 brave souls turned up and the event was held.

Results as follows:- 
Mark Bashford         24.22
Jack Dennison         25.40 (Oxted CC)
Nick Martin           26.01
Tom Seller            26.03 (Oxted CC)
Mikey Weavers         26.53
Steve Dennis          27.02 (road bike)
Richard Woodward      30.09 (fixed)
T.Evans               31.06 (Anerley BC)
Pete Bedingfield      32.04 (fixed)
P.Holly               32.57 (trike)
John Geal             39.00 (fixed)
Derek Brougham        DNF   (puncture)

What a great start by our 2 juniors, both doing 26’s in some pretty extreme conditions. Mark winning complete with disc wheel!

And Peter B’s friend Mr Holly riding a trike – the first trike on our ‘10’ course ??  So the Mick Robinson cup goes to Chairman Richard who picks up his second trophy of the season (after his emphatic Downhill win).

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for timekeeping, Adam Grange for marshalling and Richard Blackmore for pushing off.


Next week meet in the carpark of Horne Park Golf Club on Croydonbarn Lane for 18:45 start