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Mick Robinson Fixed Wheel Memorial 10

Images courtesy Mike Anton. Full gallery here – http://www.mikeanton.com/Cycling/egccclub106may2014/index.html

A cracking turnout for the Mick Robinson Memorial Ten featured 20 riders on the evening. This, the first event in the summer’s evening series, was appropriately won by Christian Yates riding fixed wheel.  There were a range of fixed wheel bikes on display ranging from John Geal’s 1954 Hetchins to Christian’s recently built Enigma machine.

The course was cut short short to about 9 miles and run as three laps of the top part of the circuit due to traffic lights on Bones Lane.

Chris Yates         20:40  (riding fixed)
Mark Bashford       21:40
Steve Dennis        21:45  (riding fixed)
Matt Peel           23:04
Simon Neave         23:08
Ben Crick           23:21
Luke de Quay        24:14  (riding fixed)
Paul Winkley        24:22  (riding fixed)
Geoff Watson        25:05
Vince Edwards       25:26
Peter Bedingfield   25:27  (riding fixed)
John Bedingfield    25:27  (riding fixed)
Paul Bedingfield    25:27  (riding fixed)
Ted Boorman         25:58
Richard Woodward    26:29  (riding fixed)
Gemma Hayes         27:33
Michael Diebel      27:34
Jeremy Winkley      27:42
John Geal           31:02  (riding fixed)
Harry Hardisty      DNF


Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off, Paul Blackmore and helpers for marshalling.

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