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Message from Worthing Excelsior CC

The new Time Trial season is now upon us and, shortly, Worthing Excelsior Cycling Club will be promoting it’s own series of Club events – details on the Club website.

Last year some of your members joined us in a Private Time Trial.  This year we are more than happy to welcome them again.  However, please could you let your members know that, for the safety of all road users, we have introduced a new Racing Rule.

That Rule is ………..’ Every rider engaged in any Club time trial shall start with a working and illuminated red light fitted to the rear of their cycle’.

Basically – ‘No red light – no ride’

I think that you will agree that this is a sensible solution and helps to maintain the philosophy of  ‘Be safe – Be seen’.

I would be obliged therefore if you could advise your members of this new Rule.

Kind regards

Adrian Palmer

General Secretary

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