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Maldon & Dist. CC 50

Steve Dennis writes…

My 2012 SPOCO South East campaign has been a little delayed up till now, having missed the first half dozen or so qualifying events due to the most part a broken hand. Things seem to be improving in that department so I took the plunge and entered the Maldon & Dist. CC 50 to be held on the rolling E21/50 Latchington/Bradwell/Steeple course in Essex.

I was on my own this time as my usual partner in crime (and lift!) Robin Johnson was promoting a 10 in Steyning, so when the alarm went off at 4am the temptation to roll over was hard to resist! Once up and on the road it’s true what they say though that it’s the best time of the day.

Arriving at Steeple it was definitely cooler being closer to the east coast and that breeze….. 8 o’clock was fast approaching so I was pedalling quite easily down to the start in a westerly direction, and it soon became apparent, after I was sent on my way in an easterly direction, why this was the case – howling head-wind. OMG. Two and a half laps of this! I thought. Oh well, just get on with it and enjoy the sunshine – and the tail-wind. Wow 40mph at times!

To do well in the SPOCO, you really need to score maximum points in all your qualifying events, and with riders like Jerone Walters (VC st Raphael) and previous winner, Mark Arnold (Team Pedal Revolution) riding, I honestly thought I was riding for 3rd place so after struggling to keep my average above 26.9mph, I was pleasantly surprised to see back at the result board that Mark was obviously not on a good day posting a 1.55, and I had pipped Jerone by 52 seconds in a time of 1.50.57. 1st place – max points. Only another 5 events to go!