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LVRC Points Series

Robin Parker writes…

6th October. LVRC Points Series – Double Points Finale.

Well the maths was fairly straightforward. I was leading the LVRC MSTina points series going into this final round. In order to beat me in the overall, Gianluca had to beat me in the race and have another rider between him and me. So all I needed to do was to finish on his wheel and the series was mine. How hard could that be!

To cut a long story short – too hard! It was a pretty good race and it all came down to a bunch finish with a bit of an incline leading up to it. It ought to have been a good finish for me. But the attacking race with the bunch splitting, reforming, splitting again took its toll on everyone. And I think on the back of a long season it was just a race too far for my poor old legs.

Coming into the last lap I could feel a touch of cramp in my legs. But I was hoping that come the sprint, I would be able to hang and get the result I needed. But when I got out of the saddle with about 250m to go with a view to stamping on the pedals, both of my thighs cramped up in the most spectacular fashion. I say “cramp”. I’ve never had anything like it before. It was more of a “seize” as both thighs locked solid with such violence that I nearly fell off! Luckily I managed to keep it upright and the rest of the bunch managed to avoid me as I dropped like a stone through the bunch to finish dead last.

And that was that. Gianluca finished 3rd B cat and took the series. To be fair he’s a worthy champion, not finishing outside of the top 3 in any event in the series this year. That’s pretty consistent! But he should enjoy it while he can coz I’ll have him next year ! Smile

And my scores on the doors for 2013? Well, not bad as it happens. Probably my best ever season. In vets races I’ve had 10 age category wins (including gold in London and SE region Crit champs), 3 second places (including silver at the TLI National Crit Champs) and 3 third places. Time for a bit of a rest now and then figure out how to improve for next year…

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