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LVRC MSTina jersey series, Round 1

Robin Parker writes…

No race last weekend, but training has been progressing well. The “Build” phase is, err, well, building fitness nicely! I can detect the first signs of “zing” in the legs during the various hill sprints, which is always a good sign. For the more empirically minded, the good sensations are this year backed up by personal best numbers for 5 second, 10 second and 1 minute peak power outputs this week. With a nice draggy uphill finish to this week’s race, I was hopeful that this would put me in with a good shout if I am there at the finish.

Race day dawns bright and sunny and it was finally time to unleash those newly shaved, and dazzlingly white legs on the unsuspecting world. The wiser members of the peloton came prepared with dark glasses Smile

The key break-away of the race came on the first of the five laps of the ten mile circuit when two riders drifted away from a somewhat lethargic bunch. It was the first lap of a tough draggy circuit and with a brisk breeze blowing, it was surely a suicide break doomed to failure. Or so everyone thought! The pair pulled out 30 seconds and then a minute. An injection of pace after two laps brought the gap to less that 30 seconds and the pair were back in sight. But we never quite bridged up…

There were numerous attacks and many small break-aways formed. But as each of these was brought back into bunch, the pace then eased and the brave pair of breakaways clung on and even extended their lead. At the bell, they had nearly two minutes – and that was the first two places sewn up.

With a long drag up to the finish line into a stiff head wind, I was helpfully reminded by another rider “not to go too early” as I surfed up the side of the bunch to take up position for the sprint. Taking up a good position I was well placed when the sprint finally kicked off with around 200m to go. I came off the wheel at around 100m to go to take the bunch sprint by a good margin. Job done Smile

So that was 3rd place overall and 2nd placed B cat (40 – 45 year old) rider. I’m pleased with that and the fact that the good sensations (and don’t forget “the numbers”!) are translating into results. Hopefully I can continue to build towards main targets at the end of May/early June.

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