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Robin Parker writes…

Sunday, LVRC A/B/C cat Road Race, Ottershaw. This race was run off at quite a pace. I tried a few moves early on, but the pace was such that nothing was staying away for long. There were a few splits and regroupments, but it looked like everything was going to stay together until the end. So I settled back into my “bide your time for the sprint” mode. And 3 guys promptly sneaked off the front, never quite to be seen again!

For the finish, there was a long drag up from about the 1km mark to about 250m where it levelled off to the line. The bunch was stretched out nicely for the gallop. I managed to pick up the wheel of the obligatory early dash for the line. Again the legs felt fab and I was able to kick over the top just after the yellow flag to take the bunch sprint for 4th place (and 2nd B cat rider).

We had closed dramatically on the 3 breakaways on the run in – in fact I freewheeled past them about 20m beyond the finish line. But 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Makes no difference, we didn’t quite catch them and hats off to them for making it stick.

So the form is good. But a win is still proving elusive. Will I grab one before the form fades? No idea. I’ll just have to keep trying and see what happens!

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