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Lucky 13 for Dennis

Steve Dennis won the 13th round of the East Grinstead Cycling Club time trial evening series last night (Tuesday 26th June) adding to his lead in the series and steadily reasserting his dominance on the championship after the four hilly time trials. The field of 10 riders turned out in defiance of a light rain which came on just before the start at the Horne circuit.

Mike Anton has emerged as Dennis’ main challanger this year and is also leading the senior points for under 40-year-olds but this was not enough to hold second place from a returning Mark Bashford who beat Anton by five seconds. Fourth was Paul Winkley who scraped ahead of Andy Seltzer, returning from his excellent 10th place at the Crawley 2 day road race held at the weekend.

Full results :

Dennis S 0:24:34
Bashford M 0:25:36
Anton M 0:25:41
Winkley P 0:26:31
Seltzer A 0:26:35
Woodward R 0:27:20
Dickson R 0:27:51
Hardisty B 0:28:08
Willis M 0:28:15
Boorman E DNF puncture