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Lucca, Italy 5-up Team Time Trial 12.6kms

Team: Ciucci Bike Village – Steve Dennis, Paul & Steven Blackmore, Massimo Masoni

Steve Dennis and Paul Blackmore made the journey to Italy for what is now the annual trip to compete in the Lucca 5-up team time trial.

This year the distance was reduced to 12.6 km or 3 laps instead of four around the bumpy medieval walls. Following 4th place last year
the Bike Village team were seeded three, starting in the last group. Unfortunately the team only had four riders, last years survivors SD,
PB, and Steve Blackmore joined by club President Massimo Masoni.

Massimo led us off but by the second lap it was all about hanging onto Steve’s wheel. The prologue type effort started to effect even Steve
though and on the last lap we were all able to go through again. Finishing together we were all completely spent, but we had come 3rd
only 14 seconds down on the winners.

So we were all really pleased with the result, may have even sneaked
it if we’d had a full complement. But as we always say, there’s
always next year!

1st  GS Fanini Stefan (Lucca)         0:16:01     46.48kmph
2nd  Bike & Sport Evolution (Genova)  0:16:03        @ 2secs
3rd  Bike Village Cicli Ciucci (Pisa) 0:16:15        @ 14secs

Special Offer: Riders (must be able to hold onto SD’s wheel) required
to take part in an 8-up TTT promoted by Michele Bartoli, over approx
40kms (completely flat) on either 8th or 15th March 09 at Viareggio,

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