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Ken Stokes Memorial 10

Riders entered : Richard Woodward (45th on 25:42), Ben Hardisty (scratched, left his shoes behind), Paul Winkley (41st on 25:23) & Ted Boorman (54th on 27:21)

Richard: “There certainly weren’t any good times for that course that I saw. Jim
Cheek’s time was the best I saw at 22:00. There was a cross wind from
the left that made it hard on the outward leg.”

Mike’s thoughts: “Richard escaped the rain, unlike Paul and Ted (and yours truly, who decided
it would be a good idea to stand about getting wet for the hell of it….). I wasn’t concious of any obvious wind but I guess the winning time of 21:27 was a fair indicator of the conditions.”

1st Richard O’Rourke, PCA Ciclos Uno / Abbey Business 21.27
2nd Keith Coffey, Bec CC 21.52
3rd Jim Cheek, In-Gear Quickvit RT 22.00
4th= Peter Rowe, Southborough and District Wheelers 22.04
4th=Chaz Hollosi, Gemini BCS 22.04

Paul 41st with 25.23
Richard 45th 25.42
Ted 54th 27.21

62 finishers with 8 DNF’s and 21 DNS’s, a fair few of whom appeared to have abandoned when the rain came.

Mike’s photos from this event

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