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Horsham Evening 10

Alan MacInnes writes…

Since I haven’t been able to get along to the Crawley Wheelers’ 10 at all this year, I decided to sacrifice our local Tuesday 10s to give the G10/57 a blast with the Horsham lads, who it must be said, were a very welcoming and friendly bunch.

I felt pretty good after the warm up and feeling confident what with the still conditions, I set off on my merry way. The hill at the start really took it out of me but by the time I was past the roundabout by the Cherry Tree I was going quite well and held my speed up to the turn where the seemingly still conditions turned out to be a leg sapping headwind! I got as low as possible and tried to tough it out to the quick descent to the finish, but between the penultimate and final roundabout I heard the S S S S of a puncture. Arggh!

After a bit of an initial flap I realised that there may still enough air to at least get over the line but I had lost the opportunity to get up to full speed and by the time I got to the finish I was crawling along – just trying to make sure I didn’t damage my rear wheel. Bah.

I finished disappointedly in a time of 22:15 which was 22 seconds behind the eventual winner, so it was very much a case of, ‘what could have been,’

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