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Horsham CC 10

Some thing’s are worth waiting for….

Horsham CC 10 Saturday 28th June

Its been a bit of a ‘tale of woe’ this year with Saturday morning Open 10s on the Horsham G10/53 course. I’ve entered four so far this season, ridden just two and the first one of those it was raining so hard I crept round. Number 2 was cancelled because of roadworks appearing half way through the event and number 3 was moved to the Holmwood G10/42 course [because of said roadworks] then somebody forgot the rider numbers – cancelled again, how embarrassing!

So event 4, signed on collected number [which was an encouraging start] and passed comment ‘don’t suppose its being cancelled this morning’ to the official – he didn’t seem amused probably having heard it at least 10 times before that morning! Went to warm up and noticed Chris Yates sitting in his car looking lean and focused – more of which later.

Conditions turned out to be near perfect with a light headwind on the way to the turn with obviously a bit of assistance on the way back – traffic can only be described as heavy!

Times at finish:

Christian Yates    20.40
Paul Blackmore    22.07
Paul Winkley       23.35 [PB]
Ben Crick            23.47 [PB on this course]

Stunning ride by Chris Yates, unfortunately his brother Connall turned up to just pip him at the post – but at least he won ‘fastest veteran’ prize. We just missed out on the team prize to InGear RT – next time boys! Honourable mention for Richard Blackmore who was timekeeping and was somewhat amazed by the times.


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