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Hitchin Nomads CC MM 25

Chris Kitchenham writes…

After a summer ruined by a knee injury I entered my first 25 of the season, mainly as training for the London Triathlon next weekend, but a mid markers race gave the chance to ride a ‘time’ on the fast F1 course and could not be turned down.

Slight wind from the south and cool morning indicated a first sub hour ride since 1993 was possible. A slow start into the wind for the first 3 miles on the A1 and the speedo was already showing 25 ½ mph, and after turning this increased to 27mph as I caught about 5 riders on the 12 mile trip to the northernmost turn.

Back into the wind again and beginning to tire badly I also started to struggle to stay in the TT position and had to sit up to stretch several times as I labored on to the finish slowing down all the time to cross the line delighted, but absolutely broken in 57.17.

Back at the changing room there were few sub hour rides and checking down the list I was surprised to find I had the joint fastest time, to tie for the win.

Triathlon next weekend, then hard training and hoping for better I have entered the Westerley 25 on H25/2 on 29th August.

1  C Kitchenham  East Grinstead CC  0:57:16 
1  R Wilson      Team Trisports     0:57:16 
3  C Dyason      Viking Road Club   0:58:24 
4  L Barral      I-Team.cc          0:58:27 
5  T Hector      CC Ashwell         0:58:54 

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