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Hillingdon Vets Crit

Robin Parker writes…

My first race of the season was a Vets only crit at Hillingdon on 2nd March. As usual for Hillingdon, this was run off at a fairly brisk pace (averaged just over 25mph) which makes it really hard for any breakaways to get established. I tried to go with a few moves but it was one of those days that was destined to end in a bunch sprint.

I was reasonably well place with a couple of laps to go and was worrying about getting too near to the front and using up too much energy. Big mistake! Before I knew what was happening, I was swallowed up by a surge in the bunch and found myself hopelessly placed for the finish. I ended up boxed in and actually freewheeling during what should have been the sprint! Oh well, safely round in the bunch. The legs felt OK and it is only just March.

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