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Hill Climb

The last event of the Club’s evening event series was held in perfect conditions with some 17 riders taking part in the Hill Climb from Weirwood reservoir up to Goat Crossroads.
Ace roadie, Robin Parker stormed up the hill to win the event by just 10 seconds from both Matthew Butt, visiting from ASL360 Club, and Andy Seltzer whose name is engraved on the trophy several times from previous years.
Results were as follows:-     
Robin Parker         5mins 44.5secs
Matthew Butt         5mins 54.1secs
Andy Seltzer         5mins 54.5secs
Mark Bashford        6mins 10.1secs
Tom Franklin         6mins 11.2secs
Luke deQuay          6mins 25.5secs
Ben Crick            6mins 37.0secs
Paul Harris          7mins 05.5secs
Simon Neave          7mins 15.8secs
Liam Wright          7mins 23.2secs
Ted Boorman          7mins 33.5secs
Paul Turner          7mins 46.2secs
Paul Winkley         7mins 50.6secs
Jeremy Winkley       7mins 55.0secs
Gemma Hayes          8mins 08.6secs
Peter Bedingfield    8mins 54.5secs
John Geal            10mins 14.9secs
Well done to eveyone and thanks to timekeepers Janet, Richard and Chris Daniels plus Steve for pushing off.

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