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High Wycombe CC 25

Images courtesy Ben Houston

Why belong to a Cycling Club?

Had a bit of a calamity today drove all the way to Marlow to ride a 25 mile time trial and punctured 2/3rds of the way round the course, nothing to be done, it was a carbon disc wheel needing a complicated adaptor to inflate so a walk to the nearest marshall was the only option.

I was passed by riders on the road as I enjoyed my stroll in the Buckinghamshire countryside, the club riders asking if I was OK, other ‘mamals’ [middle aged men in lycra] simply ignoring me.

I even came across a young lady competitor who had stopped as she was feeling sick, I offered help and to stay if she felt faint – she seemed to revive quickly after that – Jimmy Savile has a lot to answer for!

Arriving after a few miles at a group from the organising club taking photos, was offered a chair, a drink, warm clothing  and a much needed lift to the HQ. But before  I knew it another rider turned up in his car, having seen me walking had driven back down the course to collect me.

I arrived back at the HQ to discover Clubmate Ben Houston had also spotted me walking and had driven out to help. All this warms the heart and reminds us why in times of trouble club cyclists always help each other. I remind people weekly that between us we have the knowledge and tools to do virtually any repair to a bike – just ask.

Usually the reply will be ‘Oh bring it round Saturday and l’ll do it – you can watch so you know next time’ This is why you belong to the Club not just the affiliations to cycling organisations, social occasions and events, but camaraderie as a group of people with a common interest.

Oh my number today, why 13 of course!


[Ed] well done to Ben Houston who posted an excellent 59:11