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Herne Hill Track Training

Episode 2, 11/11/2018.

Mark Bailey flew the flag for Redhill, Susan Fagan joined the EGCC contingent. I thought she might be a rookie, but nooooo – she’s even got her own bike stored there. Richard W and Russ C brought a touch of panache to our team but there’s no stopping Oxted! Catherine, Tom and Simon were back. So 8 on the track this time. The pattern is getting familiar. Warm Up – Skills – Burn up.

Warm up – Pairs on the blue. I do enjoy this, fond memories of club runs which used to always be in pairs like this until SWOT (sheer weight of traffic) forced us onto minor lanes and single file…. and Joseph encourages us to chat, so we all stay within the old ’Talk Test’. Good news for me, anyway!

Then skills:

Weave over-under from the back of the well-spaced line to the front. Fine, our legs were still fresh. Tempting, though, to close down the 3-bike gap that Joseph demanded and grab a few moments of shelter. Joseph yelled.

‘Lumps ’n Bumps’ was fun – the line snaked well enough at first but some imaginative leading up ’n down the banking eventually saw the tail enders shaken off.

Then the burn up we were waiting for….

A single line chain, full lap changes. As the speed went up the inevitable happened, the chain broke just as Joseph predicted. I was the first to be pulled out. As soon as the line was down to three, Tom Simon and Mark were launched into a scratch race of their own. Tom just managed to hold off a fast charging Simon in the final sprint. Oxted 1st, 2nd. (so 5 pts), Redhill 3rd (1)

One more effort. With 8 riders we couldn’t get our brains round how to fix the team pursuit  along club lines. So we didn’t. Instead, Catherine and Susan stepped up as team captains/ selectors, we all vied to catch their eye. Tom lead off Susan’s team, thoughtfully avoiding the balls-out start I made last time. I led the next lap, never made it back on and coasted round, planning to help out towards the end. (strictly illegal I have to say). It didn’t work anyway. Catherine’s team diplomatically tried to hide their smug grins.

By this time my legs were bushed. Everyone else looked eager for more. In fact, Susan and Catherine stayed back for the all-girls session that immediately followed. How did they do that?

                                Oxted 5 pts, Redhill 1, EGCC 0.

To date:               Oxted 10pts, EGCC 1, Redhill 1

Next session, January 13. I’ve asked Santa for a new pair of legs.

Pete ‘Crasher’ B



Herne Hill Track Training October to March

Stay sharp over the winter!

Coached Herne Hill winter track series, EGCC + Oxted CC + Redhill CC. Second Sunday, each month 15:00-17:00.

Oct 14th 2018 15:00-17:00
Nov 11th 2018 15:00-17:00
Dec no session
Jan 13th 2019 15:00-17:00
Feb 10th 2019 15:00-17:00
Mar 10th 2019 15:00-17:00

Series-long interclub challenge.

5 places reserved at each session for each club. First come first served!

£15 each includes hire of a track bike (bring your own pedals and spanner). Or use your own track bike if you prefer (must be compliant – f/w, no brakes, no q/r, no sticky-out sharp bits).

No previous track experience needed – fixed wheel virgins will be introduced to the dark arts with great sensitivity.

Contact Pete Bedingfield petersbed@aol.com or 07715 757819. Please reserve a place 4 weeks ahead of each date.