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Hardisty v Dickson

Rob Dickson writes…

Having joined the club at the same time as Ben Hardisty, and had an ongoing mid / lower league rivalry all season, I decided to examine the situation in some depth.

In a rather ‘sad’ moment (must have been only ‘Big Brother or ‘Love Island’ on TV) I plotted our times around Horne over the previous three years (see attached), and drew the following conclusions:

  1. To have any chance of beating Ben next season I will have to start doing some really proper training, or (perhaps more realistically) rely on the newcomer to his family to keep him otherwise occupied.
  2. You don’t need to win (or have any chance of winning) to enjoy competing – it really is the taking part that counts, as long as you can find someone as ‘mediocre’ as yourself to compare times with (apologies to Ben – especially given his current rate of improvement – see point 3 below).
  3. By applying a linear trend line to the results (the limit of my statistical skills, and clearly unrealistic), and also plotting Steve Dennis’s best times from the previous 3 seasons, it can be seen that, given the current rate of improvement, Ben will beat Steve for the first time at the end of the 2011 season (aged 52 – which will be a fine effort), with me following in August 2014 (a mere 46), which is all the incentive I need.

Statistics never lie !
see them for yourself

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