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Guernsey Four Day Cycle Race

Ted Boorman writes…

Drove down to Poole for the 11.15 ferry as it’s a catamaran we crossed the channel in just over 2hrs
Managed to get bike sorted out so that I could do 2 laps of the island (36 miles !!) before dinner

Much the same Thursday but tried the 10,25 & road race courses out still only about 40 miles

27 mile handicap circuit. As I had won some prizes in previous years plus doing a 1.01 25 on a
Normal flat course ended up as a 2nd Cat – needless to say got hammered off up the climb on 2nd lap
But managed to stay in a small group to get to the finish, final overall was 22nd out of 60 riders. Rode out & back
to the event across the Island 6 miles each – way !!
As all the events start at 7.30am had the rest of the day to do the tourist bit with the family !!

10 mile TT – no course on the mainland that we ride is anything like this one it’s out & back around a series of bays on the coast road with a semi dead turn plus a right angle turn hafway on the course ! The wind comes of the coast so that you fly round half the bay the battle into the wind for the rest
Repeating this 3 to four times out & then back !! An each bay has a headland to climb just to make it worse !
Fastest time was a 23.55 the only 25mph ride mine was a worst in memory ride of 29.12

25 mile TT 2 & a bit laps of the 10 + a detour through the lanes including a 2xRH turns one without a marshall which meant I went off course only knew as the scratch guy shouted to me!! The wind was not quite as strong so managed a reasonable 1.10.02 the scratch man did a 59.12 to put it into perspective !
On the coast road it was like riding in a wind tunnel in places !

4lap handicap 36 miles. Sorry to say I rode out but was so shattered decided to be a DNS regretted it as looking the way the others in my group rode may have managed it but the climb from the coast is quite a hard climb a bit like our hill climb but shorter in length. The Velo have a prize presentation in the afternoon but had to get the ferry back – still managed to win a tenner so paid for a few drinks on the ferry !! Went home via Weymouth and only took 2 & a half hours to get home (150m)

If anyone is interested for next year, the cost for us – 3 adults + car + self catering cottage was £475 but we had a good discount being regulars at the cottage food & drink are comparable with UK but – petrol is 59p a litre !! Needless to say I reckon the boat was heavier on the way back !!

Have attached a link to the GVC Website which shows pics of the events (
I can be spotted in one !!) + a calender if you fancy a trip any other time

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