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Grand Prix des Gentlemen 2up

Paul Winkley writes…

The problem with any team time trial is the reliance on your partner so, out of three East Grinstead teams entered only one pairing was the original tandem. Family Bashford didn’t start – get well soon Kev, Ben Hardisty was originally down to ride with Stefano Arcidiacono but Ted Boorman [no not Boardman!] was brought in at the last minute, which left Mike Anton and Paul Winkley – Mike with a streaming cold!

The race itself didn’t turn out a lot better with Ted finishing on his own after Ben had a loose handlebar incident. But still registering a creditable time of 48:27 faster than a lot of pairs.

Mike and Paul had a steady and uneventful ride apart from heavy traffic and a couple of tussles with the usual ignorant weekend drivers to come home in 43.56.

The Yates brothers Chris and Sean flew round in 38.33. Rumour has it that after Sean was diagnosed with an uneven heartbeat earlier in the year he has to keep his heartrate under 140bpm – puts things in perspective doesn’t it?

Final results board

Fastest Team: C & S Yates 38:33 +1:30
1st on Std: Steve Frame and Harry Featherstone 41:39 +19:37
2nd on Std: Dave Shepherd and Ben Fielden 41:59 +15:07
3rd on Std: Peter Baker and Ian Landless 44:11 +13:45
1st women’s team on Std: Debbie Evers and Sue Hudson 55:00 +0:26
1ST Family Team on Std: Michael Valks and Paul Valks 44:20 +11:56

Ben Hardisty and Edward Boorman 48:27 +8:39
Mark and Kevin Bashford DNS
Mike Anton and Paul Winkley 43:56 +7:37

Quote from Chris Martin “You’re defiantly one of the slicker looking pairs round Earwig.” (talking about Mike & Paul)

(A Gentlemen’s Grand Prix is for teams of two consisting of one veteran and one other rider. The veteran is paced round the course by his partner but may overtake 200 yds before the line. Two veterans may form a team but one must be a pacer and one the nominated veteran).