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Farnborough & Camberley CC 25

Ben Hardisty writes…

A trio of East Grinstead riders headed for North Hampshire to the H25/8 course based near Bentley with the intention of clocking a fast time. However the weather ensured a tough afternoon in the saddle, a strong and damp easterly wind leaving most of the field struggling.

Ted Boorman recorded 1:07:10 some nine minutes down on his previous ride on this course. Next off were first timers to the course, Ben Hardisty and Stefano Arcidiacono.

On his last ride Ben had a ‘wind shield’ riding a 2up with Mike Anton, but this time he really struggled to cope in the conditions especially on the windward leg which had to be done almost twice. Ben only managed a 1:08:26.

Stef, riding with a new ‘cyclefit’ position, a pair of shiny new ‘planet-x 101s’ and brand new pointy hat fared better and came home in 1:06:34.

Although there were a few ‘Did Not Starts’ this field attracted 115 riders which is a good advert for the course. As we left it looked as though the men’s event was won by Lawrence Harding (Agiskoviner) with a ’53 and the women’s event by Jenny Lloyd-Jones (London Dynamo) with a 1:02.

1  Mr. L Harding   www.agiskoviner.com   00:53:13  V  +13'47"  
2  Mr. R Simmonds  London Dynamo         00:54:28  S    
3  Mr. A Girling   www.agiskoviner.com   00:54:43  S    
4  Mr. R Hughes    Clarence Wheelers     00:55:55  V  +15'12"  
5  Mr. P Callinan  London Dynamo         00:55:58  S    

1  Miss LEA Taylor  Walsall Roads CC     01:02:44  S    
2  Ms. J Lloyd-Jones  London Dynamo      01:02:45  S  

Despite the conditions the top 29 positions all came in under the hour, with London Dynamo making a very strong showing.

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