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Frequently asked questions

I have spotted a 4th Cat event in the British Cycling Road Race Calendar. Will I need bronze, silver or gold membership and will I need a full or provisional licence?

You will need a Full race license for this (or a Day license – but if you plan on doing a few events then I recommend just taking out the license as it saves a lot of messing about on the day and means that you can enter in advance). The provisional license only really entitles you ride BMX, Cyclo Cross, Cycle Speedway and MTB races – so no help at all for road racing!!!

In order to buy a Full license, you will need to take out Silver or Gold membership. You can compare membership here –http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/membership/compare

I have never ridden any road races but am interest in riding one of the closed circuits (like Hillingdon, Redbridge, Gravesend Cyclopark etc). Is a track bike needed for any of these events or is a road bike ok?

A road bike (2 brakes and gears) is mandatory for all of the events that I have been talking about. So all British Cycling and LVRC road racing events; including those that take place on closed circuits such as Hog Hill, Hillingdon, Gravesend Cylcopark, Dunsfold Park etc. For these road events you must NOT have any tri-bars, aero-bars (whatever people call them) thingies attached to handlebars. Disc wheels are NOT allowed. Deep section rims are OK. Just “standard” road bike (no mudguards though).

The only place where you can ride a “track bike” (ie. No brakes and a fixed wheel) is at a track (as in a velodrome) like the London Velodrome, Herne Hill track, Manchester velodrome and places like that.