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Evening Ten

Our Club Time Trial Season continued last night with a fabulous turnout of 28 riders, representing 7 different local Cycling Clubs. 🥰

Week 4 of the series saw 17 EGCC riders compete alongside riders from Oxted, Southborough, Addiscombe.  We also welcomed Lewis Burgess (EGCC) to his very first Time Trial and Martin Wiles (EGCC) to his first Time Trial in 40 years!! 🙌

The men’s event was won by Marek Siwicki of Addiscombe, with a time of 22:53, closely followed by Mark Bashford (EGCC) just 10 seconds behind.

6 ladies took part for the women’s competition with Francine Davis (EGCC) putting in another impressive performance this season, stopping the clock at 27:43.  Cass Volmer took second place, improving her course time by 29 seconds on week 3. 👏

As always we’d like to say a massive thank you to all the Time Keepers and Marshals for making these events possible, especially Russ, for spending his birthday evening with a stopwatch!

Thanks also to all riders for keeping the start /finish line clearer this week.  (Number return and Times are now ONLY in the carpark)

Reports from the marshals on course were again largely very positive regarding cornering legally and following the rules of the road.  Safety is absolutely essential at these events, so please do keep up the safe riding to avoid disqualification, as we are dedicated to stricter enforcement of this going forward.



Marek Siwicki 22.53 ACC
Mark Bashford 23.03 EGCC
Chris Pope 24.17 EGCC
Chris Hewitt 25.09 OCC
Julian Fussell 25.10 SBW
Colin Harrison 25.31 EGCC
Ian Luxford 26.11 OCC
Dave Mercer 26.56 Guest
Andy Seltzer 27.05 EGCC
Greg Genna 27.09 Clapham
Russell Hicks 27.40 OCC
Francine Davis 27.43 EGCC
Jules Scutter 27.56 EGCC
Jeremy Schwartz 28.38 OCC
Cass Vollmer 28.48 EGCC
Pete Burford 28.54 OCC
Ben Hardisty 28.55 EGCC
Lewis Burgess 29.15 EGCC
Domie Pollard 29.30 EGCC
Peter Adams 29.35 Tri Surrey
Peter Bedingfield 3-up 30.12 EGCC
John Bedingfield 3-up 30.12 EGCC
Peter Holley 3-up 30.12 EGCC
Rick Adams 30.59 EGCC
Angela Dyson 31.52 EGCC
Janice Fearn 33.53 EGCC
Inga Siwicka 34.57 EGCC
Martin Wiles 35.38 EGCC


Our Summer Evening Series is held every Tuesday evening from early May to late August.

Event #4


Event Information

Event start time: Tuesday May 23rd at 19:00

Entry fee £5 (we take contactless payment)

Course details: Horne Course G10/39

Meeting point to sign on: Horne Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane (Postcode RH9 8JP)

Event starts and finishes at same point, 500m East of Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane.

Event is open to everyone, members and non-members alike

Come and Try it event – free for first timers

Familiarise yourself with the course before you enter an event

Note CTT regulations – Helmet, Front and Rear light are now compulsory for ALL riders when starting an event.

Please be aware that quite often there are horse riders on the same roads. Ride considerately, make it known you are approaching and slow down when passing

London South DC strongly recommend that riders do not wear black or dark clothing during any event held on the public road. LSDC have asked that all event organisers add this to their event briefing information from now on and support our continuing commitment to improving rider safety by making riders far more visible on the roads.


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