Evening Ten

An excellent turnout of 27 riders for the second evening event. Many thanks to timekeepers Steve and Angela, marshalling from Danielle (EGCC) and Graham (Oxted CC)

Photo Gallery



Keith Lea 22.32 Paceline
Mark Bashford 23.19 EGCC
Tom Seller 24.16 OCC
Chris Hewitt 24.45 OCC
Sam Cohen 25.00 Guest
Richard Smith 25.17 EG Tri
Chris Pope 25.48 EGCC
Hana Kolarova 26.24 EGCC
Terry Morgan 26.29 OCC
Ed Tang 26.43 EGCC
Steven Price 26.51 Guest
Ian Luxford 26.59 OCC
Roger Hutchings 27.13 EGCC
Andy Forbes 27.28 EGCC
Russell Hicks 27.29 OCC
John Harley 27.43 EGCC
Francine Davies 27.49 EGCC
Julian Scutter 27.51 EGCC
Harry Parkinson 27.53 EGCC
Adam Hayward 28.35 Guest
Pete Burford 29.26 OCC
Steve Rollason 29.34 EGCC
Rick Adams 30.39 EGCC
S. Lam/R. Bushell 30.48 OCC
Domie Pollard 31.06 EGCC
Becca Potton 34.59 EGCC
Peter Bedingfield 36.14 EGCC


Our Summer Evening Series is held every Tuesday evening from early May to late August.

Event #2


Event Information


Event start time: Tuesday May 10th at 18:45

Entry fee £5 (we take contactless payment)

Course details: Horne Course G10/39

Meeting point to sign on: Horne Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane (Postcode RH9 8JP)

Event starts and finishes at same point, 500m East of Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane.

Event is open to everyone, members and non-members alike

Come and Try it event – free for first timers

Familiarise yourself with the course before you enter an event

Note CTT regulations – Helmet, Front and Rear light are now compulsory for ALL riders when starting an event.

Please be aware that quite often there are horse riders on the same roads. Ride considerately, make it known you are approaching and slow down when passing

London South DC strongly recommend that riders do not wear black or dark clothing during any event held on the public road. LSDC have asked that all event organisers add this to their event briefing information from now on and support our continuing commitment to improving rider safety by making riders far more visible on the roads.