Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening Ten

The ‘10’ had to be converted to a ‘9’ due to collapsed road controlled by lights. So 3 laps of the ’top’ circuit. Well it made a change to go round anti clockwise.

Results:-   Mark Bashford    EGCC        20.17

Andrew Brooks    OCC         21.27

Tom Seller            OCC         21.33

Connor Billings    Addiscombe CC    21.34

Chris Hewitt         OCC         22.01

Chris Pope            EGCC       22.35

Russell Hicks        OCC         23.35

Kat Parkin             EG Tri      23.49

Richard Traynor   EG tri      23.53

Russell Harmsworth OCC   23.59

Gemma Hayes     EGCC       24.27

Richard Woodward EGCC  24.44

Matt Goddard      EG Tri     24.58

Pete Bedingfield  EGCC      25.27

Phil Clarke            OCC        25.39

Jon Robinson       Guest     25.42

Neill Cooper         OCC        26.32

T Evans                 Anerley BC           26.51

Seb Pope              Guest      29.40

Rich Heath            OCC        DNF(Punc)