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Evening Ten


Mark Bashford 23.31 EGCC
Chris Balkham 23.43 OCC
Hana Kolarova 27.24 EGCC
Terry Morgan 28.12 OCC
Steve Rollason 28.24 EGCC
Richard Bushell 28.26 OCC
Mark Welch 29.54 OCC
Scott Briance 30.49 EGCC
Edward Colenbrander 32.54 OCC
Peter Bedingfield 35.45 EGCC
Luke de Quay DNS EGCC


Event details:

Our Summer Evening Series is held every Tuesday evening from early May to late August.

Please note ALL riders are welcome to EGCC club events. Participants must be 12 years of age or over.

  • Event start time: Tuesday May 18th at 7.00pm
  • Course details: Horne Course G10/39
  • Entry Fee £5 (cash or contactless)
  • Meeting point: Horne Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane to signon.
  • Postcode RH9 8JP
  • Event start/finish line: 400m east of Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane.
  • Rear light compulsory
  • Come and Try it event – free for first timers
  • Helmets compulsory for Under 18s
  • Please be aware that there are horse riders on the same roads. Ride considerately, make it known you are approaching and slow down when passing

New riders should familiarise themselves with the course as there is only one course marshall !

Good luck and ride safely !

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