Evening Ten

Our final evening 10 of the 2018 season. Held on the 9(ish) mile top circuit due to roadworks.

Thank you to all who have marshalled and helped out this year, Especially Chris and Richard for timekeeping.

Hill climb next week.

Remember, there is still the ESCA 25 on the 16th Sept if you want more!


Mark Bashford 20.20 EGCC
Chris Filewood 20.25 OCC
Keith Lea 20.34 Paceline
Rich Heath 20.55 OCC
Steve Dennis 21.22 EGCC
Tom Seller 21.37 OCC
Luke de Quay 21.41 EGCC
Kenny Cunningham 21.59 EGCC
Colin Harris 22.02 EGCC
Gee Shek 22.40 EGCC
Tony Longhurst 22.44 OCC
Noah Faiers 22.52 Cycle Room
Russell Hicks 23.07 OCC
Keith Roberts 23.49 EG Tri
Kat Parkin 24.09 EG Tri
Hana Kolarova 24.11 EGCC
Peter Dyer 24.29 ??
Pete Burford 24.33 OCC
Nick Walker 25.12 EGCC
Brian Tidey 25.12 Indy
Brian Jones 25.18 Horsham
Jane Shrubb 25.18 OCC
Marcel Rizza 26.06 OCC
Peter Bedingfield 27.12 EGCC
Jane Roberts 27.39 EG Tri