Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening Ten (Nine)

Another 9-miler on the top circuit due to roadworks.


Mark Bashford  EGCC 20.25
Richard Heath  OCC 21.15
Chris Hewitt  OCC 21.42
Colin Harrison  EGCC 22.01
Luke de Quay  EGCC 22.2
Paul Winkley  EGCC 24.08
Richard Woodward  EGCC 24.43
Richard Bushell  OCC 24.51
Peter Burford  OCC 25.11
Duncan Green & Amanda Whitely (Tandem)  OCC 25.13
Russel Cottingham  EGCC 26.18
Darren Boakes  OCC 26.3

Thanks to Chris and Richard for timekeeping, and Ben & co for marshaling.


Please note ALL riders are welcome to EGCC club events. Participants must be 12 years of age or over.

If it’s your first event you can ‘Come and try it’ for £2, otherwise normal entry fee £4

  • Event start time: Tuesday July 31st at 7pm
  • Course details: Horne Course G10/39
  • Meeting point: Horne Golf Club car park on Croydonbarn Lane to signon.
  • Postcode RH9 8JP
  • Event start/finish line: 400m east of car park on Croydonbarn Lane

New riders should familiarise themselves with the course as there is only one course marshall.

Good luck !