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Evening Hilly – Lingfield Circuit

Lingfield circuit 26-6-18


Mikey Weavers ASL 34.02
Mark Bashford EGCC 34.58
Rich Heath OCC 35.36
Tom Seller OCC 36.01
Chris Filewood OCC 37.17
Chris Hewitt OCC 37.32
Steve Dennis EGCC 37.55
Luke de Quay EGCC 38.48
Kenny Cunningham EGCC 39.15
Hana Kolarova EGCC guest 43.26
Richard Traynor EG TRI 43.59
Paul Winkley EGCC 44.03
Daniel Cottingham OCC 44.24
Matt Goddard EG TRI 45.33
Richard Woodward EGCC 45.39

Thank you to Chris and Richard for making the event happen.


Welcome to our Summer Evening Series held every Tuesday evening from May through to August.

Please note ALL riders are welcome to EGCC club events. Participants must be 12 years of age or over.

If it’s your first event you can ‘Come and try it’ for £2, otherwise normal entry fee £4

  • Event start time: Tuesday June 26th at 7pm
  • Course details: Lingfield Circuit (GS877)
  • Meeting point: Meet by The Plough public house in Dormansland to sign on.
  • Postcode RH7 6PR
  • Event start/finish line: Event start/finish line is the bus stop outside the Plough

New riders should familiarise themselves with the course as there are no marshalls.

Good luck !

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