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Evening Hilly 13

Image courtesy Nick Martin Photography !

Full results

Chris Filewood OCC 00:32:51
Mikey Weavers EGCC 00:33:48
Steve Dennis EGCC 00:34:33
Richard Heath OCC 00:34:39
Thomas Sellar OCC 00:35:55
Andy Seltzer EGCC 00:37:40
Luke de Quay EGCC 00:38:09
Tom Webby OCC 00:38:13
Gee Shek EGCC 00:38:56
Colin Harrison EGCC 00:39:05
Mike Anton & Richard Woodward EGCC 00:41:15 (2 up)
Paul Winkley EGCC 00:41:26
Russell Hicks OCC 00:42:43
Sam Cottingham OCC 00:46:19
Peter Beddingfield EGCC 00:57:18 (Mechanical problem)
John Geal EGCC 01:05:58



Evening Hilly 13 on the Ashdown Forest course.

All riders are welcome. Participants must be 12 years of age or over.

We meet in the car park at Gills Lap on the top of the Forest for 19:00 start.

Evening Series course details : Club Evening Hilly 13 (same route but start/finish at Gills Lap at the top of forest.