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Evening hilly 13

Mike Anton writes…

A glorious sunny evening awaited all at the top of the forest but come 6:50 and only 4 had made an appearance.

Mr Dennis had arrived but Mrs Seltzer reminded him he needed to be at a London South meeting so off he went, leaving Messrs Hardisty, Winkley and Anton milling around. A surprise entrant was Conall Yates who’d brought big brother Sean in support.

After some amiable chat and catch up, Lorraine shooed everyone off to the start just as the Bashford mobile arrived, closely followed by Mr Dickson.

As punishment, Rob was sent off n#1 and proceeded down wind. As I was preparing to go, Mrs Yates snr appeared along with a contingent of children and grandchildren to shout Conall on.

Rolling down from Kingstanding Mr Yates caught me after 5 minutes and we proceeded to swap places through Friars Gate before Conall finally got the better of me, just as we got to Sean smilingly waiting on his motorbike.

A detour left in to Ladies Mile because of the road works at Groombridge and Mr Dickson hove in to view, just in time for Sean to do some impromptu road marshalling for us on the Withyham junction.

Now how often can you say you had a world class champion helping out on a club event?! 🙂

Through Hartfield we all span and on up towards Chuck Hatch with Sean and family regularly stopping and shouting encouragement.

That final kick up in the trees before reaching the top seems to get steeper every year as does the finish which I swear gets moved further and further along.

The final scores are as follows, with Mark convincingly taking the top spot.

1  Conall Yates        29:49
2  Mark Bashford       30:47
3  Mike Anton          31:27
4  Kevin Bashford      32:24
5  Ben Hardisty        32:45
6  Paul Winkley        33:13
7  Rob Dickson         35:38

Timekeeper: Lorraine Seltzer
Pusher off: Mick Robinson
Outrider & Marshall: Sean Yates

I did ask Sean what he was doing for the next three events but I believe he’s busy!

Still it was a nice evening for the select few and thanks once again to the extended Yates presence for their support.

[Course shortened to 10.76 miles approx, rerouted via Ladies Mile due to traffic lights in Groombridge.]

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