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Evening 10, a cracking turnout

Tuesday saw one of the largest turnouts, possibly because the weather was good, and more importantly, it wasn’t howling a gale.

With Ute on marshalling duties it was down to Claire and Stef to take up the mantle to topple Mr & Mrs Dennis in the ‘racing family’ category.

Unfortunately she turned early and went off course. There could be a joke about women and navigation in there but Mr Dennis was spotted
with his GPS at the start and we’ll gloss over his recent navigational faux pas…….

As it turned out, normal service was more or less retained though Gary and Stef put in strong rides to round out the top five.

1  Steve Dennis         22:32
2  Paul Blackmore       23:55
3  Mark Bashford        24:34
4  Gary Williams        25:01
5  Stefano Arcidiacono  25:17
6  Mike Anton           25:33
7  Paul Winkley         25:37
8  Andy Seltzer         25:43
9  Alan Macinnes        27:44
10 Roy Brown            29:42
11 Carla Dennis         30:50
12 Richard Woodwood     DNF (puncture)
13 Claire Isted         DNF (off course)

Simon Thomson           27:23
Robin Johnson           28:18
Jonathon Streeter       28:47

Timekeeping:	Chris Daniels (& Stevie)
Pusher off: 	Richard Blackmore
Marshall:	Ute Woodward

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