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Evening 10, a cracking turn out

A cracking evening, possibly the best of the year so far, saw 18 riders face the time keepers.

With the visitors from Crawley Tri club and some old faces, we actually had people out on the same road on different laps, something that I don’t think we’ve seen for a while?

Gary Williams was a welcome visitor, swapping the Spanish sun for a splash of British summer. Good job he didn’t come back a couple of weeks ago!

In other news, Boorman T put in a good turn despite protesting dead legs after the SCCU 100 on Sunday. We all know this is a ruse and is the sort of comment Dennis S comes out with, before waltzing away into the distance trailing gasping riders.

Ute is getting very very close to breaking evens and we’re sure she’ll do it before the end of the season. It was also good to see John Geal out riding round t’Horne.

Steve Dennis	22:36
Paul Blackmore	23:54
Mark Bashford	24:18
Gary Williams	25:12
Paul Winkley	25:26
Ted Boorman	25:49
Andy Seltzer	26:14
Steve Rollason	27:45
Richard Woodward	28:07
Ute Woodward	30:05
John Geal		32:17

Jonathon Streeter	25:00
Ian Jones		25:49
Drew Holmes	26:47
Chris Spencer 	27:51
Robin Johnson	28:16
S Cresswell	28:49
Emily McLoughlin	30:52

Timekeeper: Daniels C
Timekeepers assistant: Stevie
Pusher off: Robinson M
Photographist: Pembroke J
Marshall and chief road sweeper:  Anton M

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