Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening 10

Great turnout for the last event at Horne. Great weather and times to match. Many thanks to Chris and Richard for timekeeping and pushing off and Gemma for marshalling (again!). And thanks once again to Russell for the results service.

Don’t forget the Hill Climb next week on Legsheath Lane (Weirwood reservoir)

Keith Lea Paceline 21.58
Matt Peel Redhill 22.01
Henry Latimer PMR 22.26
Ian Bray ACC 23.19
Chris Filewood OCC 23.19
Ashley Nunn ACC 23.53
Paul Blackmore EGCC 24.43
Allan Thurston TVS 24.44
Emily McLoughlin ApireHSS 24.57
Chris Pope Private 25.18
Graham Cox OCC 25.25
Luke de Quay EGCC 25.27
Russell Hicks OCC 25.31
Ben Crick EGCC 25.38
Andy Seltzer EGCC 25.43
Richard Traynor EG Tri 25.58
Richard Fisher InGear 26.02
Michael Champion OCC 26.41
Paul Winkley EGCC 26.46
Darren Coomber Private 26.52
Sam Cottingham OCC 27.13
Jacques Paulsen OCC 27.13
Kat Parkin EG Tri 27.18
Ian Luxford OCC 27.19
Nick Walker EGCC 27.59
Phil Robbins EGCC 28.11
Pete Bedingfield EGCC 28.32
Daisy Collingridge OCC 29.05
Hugh Winkley EGCC 29.22
Lori Monks OCC 29.36
Bex Coomber Private 29.44
Robin Johnson Private 29.50
John Geal EGCC 36.58
Russell Cottingham EGCC DNF Puncture
Mark Bashford EGCC DNS Electro-Mechanical
Richard Woodward EGCC DNS Puncture

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