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Evening 10

Evening ten held on the G10/39 course


Chris Balkham OCC 23.08
Mark Bashford EGCC 23.12
Ian Bray ACC 23.18
Steve Dennis EGCC 23.54
Tim Whitehead OCC 24.02
Gareth Parr SLH 24.35
Andrew Drake EGCC 25.09
Allan Thurston TVS 25.15
Ben Crick EGCC 25.17
Rupert Greatwood Tri Surrey 25.21
Graham Cox OCC 25.35
Peter Hargreaves OCC 25.4
Richard Woodward EGCC 25.54
Maddy Lee-Smith OCC 25.57
Russell Hicks OCC 26.19
Chris Pope EGCC 26.27
Michael Champion OCC 27.03
Ben Battye OCC 27.07
Graham Powell EGCC 27.1
Kat Parkin EGTRI 27.24
Richard Fisher In Gear 27.58
Nick Walker EGCC 28.06
Daisy Collingridge OCC 29.34
Rick Bruin OCC 30.07
Peter Bedingfield EGCC 30.22
Robin Taylor EGCC 31.06

A great turnout tonight including one Robin Taylor who rode with EGCC in the 70s. Welcome back Robin.

Thanks to Chris and Richard for Timing and pushing off, and Russell for somehow typing up the results so fast they were in my inbox by the time I reached home.

Marshall – Luke de Quay

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