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Evening 10

Evening ten held on the G10/39 course

A perfect gap in the rain ensured a dry run for all, with the odd slippery corner for added interest. Great times all round.

Henry Latimer PMR 22.50
Mark Bashford EGCC 23.23
Chris Filewood Oxted CC 24.48
Gareth Parr South London Harriers 25.04
Luke de Quay EGCC 26.00 Fixed Wheel
Michael Champion Oxted CC 26.10
Emily Mcloughlin Aprire HSS 26.16
P Hargreaves Oxted CC 26.22
Rich Traynor EGTri 26.29
Paul Winkley EGCC 26.58
Gemma Hayes EGCC 27.07
Kat Parkin EGTri 27.30

Thank you to Ben & Russell for marshaling, and Richard and Chris for timekeeping & pushing off.