Ride bikes. Have fun. Feel good.

Evening 10

Considering the weather a slightly disappointing turnout of 19 riders – maybe it was too hot ! As it was we had 30+ degrees, definitely Tour de France conditions without the Alpine climbing. Some cracking results, with Keith breaking 22 minutes for a stonking ride.

Keith Lea Paceline 21:57
Richard Heath Oxted CC 23:23
Andrew Brooks Oxted CC 23:30
Chris Hewitt Oxted CC 23:53
Chris Filewood Oxted CC 24:01
Graham Cox Oxted CC 25:33
Richard Traynor EG Tri 26:10
Richard Woodward EGCC 26:21
Russell Hicks Oxted CC 26:27
Danny York Crawley Whlrs 26:28
Paul Winkley EGCC 26:37
Phil Clarke Oxted CC 26:43
Richard Fisher InGear 27:10
Kat Parkin EG Tri 27:27
Stuart Dickinson EGCC 27:41
Jacques Paulsen Oxted CC 28:25
Russell Cottingham EGCC 28:56
Lori Monks Oxted CC 29:38
Gareth Parr SLH Off course

Many thanks to Chris for time keeping, Richard for pushing off, Russ and Ben for marshalling

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