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Evening 10

A sticky warm evening saw some fast times last night. Many thanks to Richard & Janet for time keeping & pushing off duties and also Peter Bedingfield and the Oxted crew for marshalling.

Brindley Taylor 22.16 Crawley Wheelers
Chris Balkham 23.21 Oxted CC
Chris Filewood 23.33 Oxted CC
Mark Bashford 23.36 East Grinstead CC
Steve Dennis 24.03 East Grinstead CC
Andrew Drake 24.31 East Grinstead CC
A Seltzer 25.00 In Gear Quickvit
Mark Pelling 25.35 In Gear Quickvit
Luke de Quay 25.59 East Grinstead CC
Phil Clark 26.09 Oxted CC
Danny York 26.12 Crawley Wheelers
Maddy Lee-Smith 26.13 Oxted CC
Paul Winkley 26.19 East Grinstead CC
Richard Traynor 26.22 East Grinstead Tri
Sam Cottingham 26.34 Oxted CC
Russell Hicks 26.41 Oxted CC
Ben Hardisty 27.48 East Grinstead CC
Kat Parkin 27.51 East Grinstead Tri
Richard Woodward 27.57 East Grinstead CC
Russell Cottingham 28.59 East Grinstead CC
Hugh Winkley 29.21 East Grinstead CC
Pete Holley 30.52 East Grinstead Tri
Gemma Hayes DNF (punctured) East Grinstead CC

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