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Evening 10

With part of the course closed due to an accident, competitors did 3 laps of the southern part of the Horne Course, totalling 8.85 miles.

Rider Name    Club    Time
Mark Bashford    EGCC    20.17
Chris Filewood    Oxted CC    20.18
Andrew Drake    EGCC    21.22
Steve Dennis    EGCC    21.24
Nick Martin    EGCC    21.28
Thomas Seller    Oxted CC    21.43
Geoff Watson    EGCC    22.23
Luke de Quay    EGCC    22.25
Ben Crick    EGCC    22.36
Graham Cox    Oxted CC    22.38
Richard Woodward    EGCC    22.41
Sam Cottingham    Oxted CC    23.28
Russel Cottingham    EGCC    25.08
Daisy Collingridge    Oxted CC    25.17
Hugh Winkley    EGCC    25.47
Ben Hardisty    EGCC    26.17  Fixed Gear
James Baggott    EGCC    27.31
Paul Winkley    EGCC    DNF Puncture
Kathryn Parkin    EGTRI    DNF Puncture

Thanks to Chris, Richard, Derek, Russell, Mike and all who helped out marshalling and timekeeping.