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Evening 10

Despite the damp forecast another good showing of riders turned out last night. With the traffic lights gone, the normal 10 (10.1 on my garmin) mile course was back in use. Nobel prize winners Crick and Watson are showing some terrific early season form and first timer Duncan McConnell enjoyed his first outing on the Horne course. Last years evening series winner Mark Bashford led the way home.

Results (amended)
Mark Bashford              24:16
Matt Peel                  24:56
Simon Neave                25:22
Geoff Watson               25:44
Ben Crick                  25:50
Luke de Quay               26:43
Richard Woodward           26:46
Paul Winkley               27:23
Nick Martin                28:57
Peter & Paul Bedingfield   29:15 (2up)
Ben Hardisty               29:19
Paul Turner                29:29
Duncan McConnell           30:23
Jeremy Winkley             30:41
Gemma Hayes                32:02
Harry Hardisty             35:35
Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off, Ted Boorman and the Martin family for marshalling.