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Evening 10

Very summery conditions (apart from the blustery wind) attracted 27 riders, the best turnout of the season so far. No less than 4 riders finished in under 24 minutes, some outstanding rides there.

** Note next week the evening series moves to the Ashdown Forest – see Events page for details. The series returns to the Horne course on 8th July. **


Ashley Dennis       0:23:15
Harry Franklin      0:23:24
Mark Bashford       0:23:49
Steve Dennis        0:23:59
Paul Blackmore      0:24:35
Simon Neave         0:25:22
Paul Winkley        0:25:47
Ben Crick           0:26:03
Ivor Hewitt         0:26:37
Mike Anton          0:26:39
Kevin Bashford      0:26:48
Brad Hough          0:26:49
Nigel Killner       0:26:54
Graham Powell       0:27:02
Luke de Quay        0:27:23
Ben Hardisty        0:27:30
David Tyler         0:28:05
Nick Martin         0:28:31
Russell Hicks       0:28:53
Paul Turner         0:28:57
Gemma Hayes         0:30:29
Danielle Harris     0:30:31
Peter Bedingfield   0:32:30
John Geal           0:33:10
Hugo Hewitt         0:33:24
Jeremy Winkley      0:33:52
Scott Cheshire      DNF

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time-keeping, Ian Thompson for pushing-off and Richard Woodward for marshalling.


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