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Evening 10

Images courtesy of Russell Hicks

Another sunny and warm evening with an excellent turn out of riders.

Like last week there were a number of personal and course bests, with Geoff getting the better of Ben, Adam dipping under 25 minutes and Gemma drawing ever closer to the magic 30 minute mark, to name but three.

Mark Bashford       23.32
Steve Dennis        23.57
Glenn Karpeta *     24.42
Geoff Watson        24.53
Adam Grange         24.58
Paul Blackmore      25.07
Ben Crick           25.16
Richard Woodward    25.59
Maddy Lee-Smith     26.12
Noah Faiers *       26.18
Phil Clark          26.56
Ian Lawson *        27.00
Mike Anton          27.05
Graham Powell *     27.21
Nick Martin         27.23
Paul Turner         28.02
Vince Edwards *     28.33
Gemma Hayes         30.06
Peter Bedingfield   30.19
John Geal           31.34
Jane Shrubb *       32.01
Hugo Hewitt *       33.11
Rich Clark *        DNF (off course)
* Oxted CC

NOTE:  There were reports of riders crossing the white lines at the Croydon Barn lane junction and taking risks on the corners.  We don’t want any incidents so please obey all marshals and exercise common sense when turning into blind junctions.

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off and Simon Neave for marshalling.

There are more photos provided by Russell which will shortly be put into an album on the Gallery page. Many thanks to Russell.