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Evening 10

Video courtesy Mike Anton

An excellent evening’s racing with a good turnout, some great times, despite the horses, nobody going off course and some PBs with Gemma finally ducking under the 30 minute barrier.

Glenn Karpeta                       24:38
Simon Neave                         24:50
Ben Crick                           24:55
Adam Grange                         25:14
Geoff Watson                        25:17
Mike Anton & Ben Hardisty (2-up)    25:21
Paul Winkley                        25:33
Maddy Lee-Smith                     25.38
Jon Carter                          25:47
Mikey Weavers                       26:20
Alan MacInnes                       26:24
Scott Cheshire                      26:38
Noah Faiers                         27:03
Russell Hicks                       27:16
Vince Edwards                       28:14
Peter Bedingfield                   29:28
Gemma Hayes                         29:33
Jacques Paulsen                     30:08
Hugo Hewitt                         31.31
John Geal                           31.58

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for time keeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off and Mark Bashford and Luke de Quay for marshalling.