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Evening 10

On a deceptively blustery evening the penultimate flat 10 of the year saw another good turn out with the regulars from Oxted CC joined by other visitors such as Catford Banks Equipe’s Harry Franklin.

Harry was fastest on the night with Mark B 2nd, comfortably cementing his lead in the club competition. Mr Anton narrowly pipped Messrs Seltzer and Watson to claim top vets points.  Peter B was joined by Tom Buckell to ride a 2 up and they narrowly missed out on an evens ride.

In what could become another racing dynasty, Luke de Quay was joined by Joe and Mimi. With Luke flying solo, Joe made sure Mimi was safely around the course which she completed in 33.21.  Luke later said that this was about the 3rd time she’d been on a bike this year and that she could be pretty quick if she trained.  He looked slightly worried as he said this.

Harry Franklin                           23.44
Mark Bashford                            23.45
Mike Anton                               24.56
Andy Seltzer                             24.58
Geoff Watson                             25.01
Paul Winkley                             25.50
Paul Blackmore                           26.13
Noah Faiers*                             26.45
Phil Clarke                              27.08
Ben Hardisty                             27.15
Graham Powell                            27.16
Luke de Quay                             27.20
Nick Ephgrave                            27.31
Russell Hicks*                           27.42
Mikey Weavers                            27.55
Ronan Curtin                             28.17
Jeremy Winkley                           29.26
Peter Bedingfield & Tom Buckell (2up)    30.19
Jane Shrubb*                             31.49
Hugo Hewitt*                             31.54
Miriam de Quay                           33.21

* Oxted CC

Our thanks as ever to Chris Daniels for time keeping and Richard Blackmore for pushing off.  Ben Crick marshalled Church Rd and Maddy Lee Smith, who decided to have a rest after the wet and windy Ride 100, looked after the Bones lane junction.

Don’t forget that next week is the last flat 10 and starts at 6:45


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