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Evening 10

Rain doesn’t stop play

Mike Anton writes…

Having driven over to Horne last night I was greeted with the sight of Andy, Richard and Chris safely tucked up in their cars sheltering from the rain.

Luke duly arrives on his bike, dashing our hopes of escaping the dismal conditions and DNSing the whole event.  Another car arrives and a lady called Chloe comes over to ask if this was the EGCC TT.

Ben C then pedals in; half hoping proceedings were going to be cancelled.  Chairman Woodward had other thoughts so the four duly sign on and set off to the start.

On her first ever 10, Chloe carefully picks her line through the first corner and sets off round T’Horne.

The boys come through and I move on to the main marshalling spot.  Everyone comes through there uneventfully on the first lap, just as the rain picks up again.

The second time round see’s Luke and Richard battling at the final turn and they disappear down the final straight wheel to wheel.

Ben comes through and a couple of minutes later, Chloe appears, still smiling.

Returning to the car park, the golf course steward is trying to close up and we discover that Chloe pulled in at his request and unfortunately didn’t reach the finish.

Chris reckons she’d have been on for a 37 so let the record stand there.

Maximum points for the plucky contenders and Ben C should now be edging away in the Vets comp.

1  Luke de Quay        28:49
2  Ben Crick           29:37
3  Richard Woodward    29:48
4  Chloe Weller        37:00 / DNF

Your officials for the evening were Andy Seltzer (pushing off), Chris D (time keeping) and me for marshalling

Fingers crossed for better weather next week.

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