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Evening 10

Horses for courses

Sunny and hot conditions greeted 20 riders taking part this week. However we had a few obstacles on the Horne course, several sets of horses, no little traffic, a tractor and a reversing farm truck to name but a few. But all got round safely including visiting overseas member Gary Williams.

James Stuart        23:36
Gary Williams       24:12
Keith Lea           24:14
Zak Corum-Haines    24:32
Simon Neave         25:16
Ben Crick           25:27
Richard Woodward    26:30
Paul Winkley        27:02
Luke de Quay        27:34
Ted Boorman         28:09
Ian Thompson        28:29
Paul Turner         28:40
Joseph de Quay      28:44
Nick Martin         28:55
Greg Haines         29:13
David Martin        29:24
Peter Bedingfield   29:47
Michael Diebel      30:31
Jeremy Winkley      31:20
Harry Hardisty      33:28

Many thanks to Chris Daniels (timekeeping) Richard Blackmore (pushing off) and John and Pam Geal (marshalling)

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