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Evening 10

Another Hot one    
Another hot and generally still evening greeted 16 riders this week.  Fortunately the obstacles of last week were largely absent though Steve did have to contend with a reversing tractor, not that that appeared to have slowed him down much.

Steve Dennis          00:23:27
Mark Bashford         00:24:05
Gary Williams         00:24:09
Zak Corum-Haines      00:24:18
Mike Anton            00:24:59
Simon Neaves          00:25:07
Ben Crick             00:25:22
Ted Boorman           00:27:34
Paul Turner           00:28:15
Nick Martin           00:28:30
Greg Haines           00:28:41
Jeremy Winkley        00:30:33
Mark Freeland         00:31:39
Simon Coor            00:35:13
Harry Hardisty        DNF
Richard Woodward      DNF (P)
Many thanks to Chris Daniels (timekeeping) Richard Blackmore (pushing off) and Gemma Hayes for marshalling