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Evening 10

And so the summer evening ten series comes to a close and thanks to the mainly kind weather a successful series it was too. Next week we have the ‘gentle hill climb’ to round off the evening events.

Chris Yates 24:17
Paul Blackmore 24:47
Stefano Arcidiacono 25:45
Paul Winkley 26:44
Stuart Bunt 27:29
Ted Boorman 27:53
Luke de Quay 28:30
Nick Martin 28:43
Dani Harris 30:06
Michael Diebel 30:07
Peter Bedingfield 30:23
Gemma Hayes 30:32
Pete Holley 30:39
Harry Hardisty 31:15
John Geal 32:41
Miriam de Quay 33:44

Many thanks to Chris Daniels for timekeeping, Richard Blackmore for pushing off duties and Ben Crick for marshalling