Evening 10

Another evening of PBs

Another dry but somewhat blustery evening saw a selection of PB’s from the field.

With Chris and Richard away, Steve took to the watches with Michelle whilst Mr Winkley Snr sent everyone on their way.

First back was young David Barnes, improving on his time from last week and setting another PB.  However the biggest improvement came from Jeremy who in his second ever TT, sliced 1:40 off his time. Not to be outdone in the improvement stakes, Mike Diebel dipped under evens for the first time and Paul Harris, riding gears this week, took over 1 minute off  his time.

Massive congratulations  however must go to Emily Dennis and Gemma Hayes, both riding their first TT’s.  Emily’s determined expression echoed that usually seen on her father so fully expect her times to come tumbling this year.

Bimbling  around at the rear Messrs Woodward and Anton  rode their best and winter road bikes respectively. – They definitely need to deploy their TT bikes and set some decent times.

Stuart Pearce    26.07
David Barnes     26.31 (Condor CC – Aged 13)
Ben Crick        26.43
Maddy Lee-Smith  27.19
Paul Harris      28.13
Richard Woodward 28.24
Mike Anton       28.43
Michael Diebel   29.33
Jeremy Winkley   31.53 (Aged 12)
Carla Dennis     32.39
Gemma Hayes      37.08
Emily Dennis     40.19 (Aged 12)

Thanks to Mark Bashford for marshalling.