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Evening 10

Richard Blackmore writes…

Such a change from the previous 2 weeks, this Tuesday was cold, wet and windy. However 8 hardy (?) souls turned up together with timekeepers and marshal so we decided to run it.

However at 6.50 a huge black cloud came over and we had a 10 minute hail storm and then the sun half-heartedly came out!

Of the 8, one had left his cycling shoes behind (no not Paul Winkley this week), 3 decided not to risk it and the result of the remaining 4 is as follows:-

Steve Dennis 27.28
Simon Andrew 27.52
Michael Diebel 30.03
Paul Turner 31.32

Simon Andrew is a past member now living on the Hungarian / Slovak border who was in the area and decided to look us up.

Thanks to Ben Crick and Pete Bedingfield for marshalling and let’s hope for better weather next week.